NRT availability of Sentinel2 scenes?

Hello alll,

my question is easy. How many hours after ESA data release of Sentinel-2 scenes do I have these available via Sentinel Hub and can these be at the same time requested with the python Sentinelhub packages.

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Generally the data are available on AWS under one hour after they appear on OpenHub and they can be used by Sentinel Hub some tens of seconds later.

That being said, we have noticed a backlog of the data waiting for copying to AWS a couple of days ago, due to the OpenHub network problems ( We expected this issue to be solved by now already and are looking into whether we can somehow speed the process. So… in such (rare) events, the distribution bandwidth limits get in a way.

Update 03/02/18 - Sync is completed and data are again up-to-date with OpenHub and will remain so until next infrastructure issue of the OpenHub.

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