NVDI-Gray S2 WCS service and ArcGis


We are working with the WCS service of Sentinel2, in particular with NDVI-Gray. We connect the WCS service with arcgis desktop.

Last year NDVI-Gray had only one band, but now we see three bands, one of them with a constant value 3.

Why has NDVI-Gray this new behavior ?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @dialo,

we do update our data products from time to time. Usually we do so in case we find a better visualization for a product. We have also updated the data products as part of the migration to evalscript v3.

However, the behavior that you describe is not what I would expect from these changes. Could you please provide the whole evalscript or the first two blocks of your instance id (remove the rest to avoid potential abuse) and we can check in more details.

If you want to change your layer so that it returns only one band, use “Copy Script to Editor” button and then adjust the evalscript so that it returns only one band.

Tnx, Anja

we dont use a script, we connect this URL from a GIS desktop (arcgis);


this connection showed a one band raster last year fot¡r NDVI-gray, but now it shows three bands

Hi @dialo,

the change of your NDVI_GRAY layer was a due to the transition to V3, the layer now returns two bands: ndvi and dataMask.

I am not sure why you see three bands and one has a constant value 3. This is probably some Arcgis-specific setting, in Qgis I see 2 bands as expected:

If you need to change it so that it again returns only one value, you will need to update the layer as described here: https://docs.sentinel-hub.com/api/latest/user-guides/transition/#use-case-7-use-custom-script-v3-instead-of-transparent-v3-data-product

Ok, understood, we are working now only with de first band and eveything is fine.