OGC API FIS Request returned blank

Hi Team,

We are successfully using the OGC API FIS on a daily basis but we have seen an error today. An example here returns no data against the ESA World Cover (BYOC):


Can you help us resolve why this is occuring.

Hi @steven.williams2,

if I am not mistaken, the issue is in order of coordinates - when using FIS with EPSG:4326, it should be lat/lon (in line with WCS 1.1.1).

See this FAQ and FIS docs.

This is the most common error, but also most difficult to find. I often wonder, if guys at OGC know, how much chaos they created with these inconsistencies.

If you change the order, and increase resolution to 100m (your area is pretty large, I believe), you get a result:


I hope this works for you?