One shot of a site in high resolution

We need a snapshot for one date in high resolution. The area is about 6,000 hectares. Which service should you choose? A 3 meter resolution is enough

Hi @grigoriy.port

Currently our services support:

  • Planet’s PlanetScope data (3m)
  • Airbus’s Pleiades data (0.5 m for panchromatic band and 2 m for all other bands)
  • Airbus’s SPOT data (1.5 m for panchromatic band and 6 m for all other bands)
  • Maxar’s WorldView data (0.5 m for panchromatic band and 2 m for multispectral bands)

The choice of the provider will depend on the spectral bands you need but also the availability of the data at the location and time that you are interested in. Nevertheless, searching for a single date is going to make it easier for you. I would suggest that you use our services to explore the available data that fits your criteria, as you would be best placed to know what you need. You can always contact us by email if you would like further recommendations on the data to choose.

You can search and order the data via our dedicated API or through our Requests Builder tool that facilitates the process. For guidance on these approaches, I recommend you take a look at our step by step tutorial on ordering and visualizing commercial data using Requests Builder and Postman or you could watch the webinar on Commercial data.

Finally, for information on pricing, which may also guide your choice, you can refer to our pricing page (towards the bottom).

Do not hesitate to get in touch for further information.

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Planet imagery prices are per hectare per year. But if I don’t need a year?

Planet’s pricing model is subscription-based only. For more information about the pricing model, please refer to the Hectares under Management forum post.