Open Configuration Instance Detai in PLayground


I am just very new to Sentinel Hub and trying to follow this webinar:

And I cannot see in my trial account the option to view the the configuration in playground.
The button “Open in PLayground” button is missing in configuration instance detail.

Is there something I need to enable in my account?


Hi Kris,
this function was temporarily removed, but there is an easy workaround, perhaps with an even better option - use EO Browser instead:

  1. Go to EO Browser
  2. Login with your own account
  3. In the (almost) top right part find the “Theme” option
  4. You will find your own instances listed under the common ones (Based on…). Select the one you are interested in.
  5. Go to your area of interest
  6. Search for the data, click “Visualise”.
  7. You will find your layers in there.

Oh, Thank you @gmilcinski for prompt response!
So then there is no quick way to extract script for leaflet as shown here ?

Hm, I see.
You might try:

(replace the instance ID with the one of yours)

I hope it works.

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Lovely!!! That is exactly what I was interested in. Thank you, you helped me a lot.