OpenSearch API missing images after 2022-03-04

Hi all,

it seems like that there are no Sentinel2 images available in the OpenSearch API after 2022-03-04 Before that date images can be found, but after that date, no images appear.
Tested for a e.g. 34TFT.

Data is available in the Sentinel2 bucket, see:
aws s3 ls s3://sentinel-s2-l1c/tiles/34/T/FT/2022/3/ --request-payer
→ PRE 2/
PRE 4/
PRE 7/

Is the sync to the database lost as the last time this error occurred?

Many thanks.

Thomas Rommel


indeed there were some issues with the sync of Sentinel 2 data.

It is now back to the operational state, thanks for reporting.

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Thanks for fixing it that quickly

One comment at this point - note that OpenSearch is not one of thr actively maintained services of ours. We operate it as a part of our community contribution, but there are no resources commited to ensure it works 24/7.
We therefore recommend to rather use STAC compliant Catalog API