Opensearch sentinel-hub API, no feature since 2020-05-17

The Response seems to have no errors, but the features list is empty:

“analysis”:{“query”:null,“language”:“en”,“analyze”:{“What”:[],“When”:[],“Where”:[],“Errors”:[],“Explained”:[]},“processingTime”:1.9073486328125e-6},“processingTime”:0.025017976760864, “features”:[]}

If you change the start date to 2020-05-16, it’s ok.

There is indeed an issue with the ingestion in OpenSearch API. We are looking into it.

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Hi All,

I just checked for a couple of Sentinel2 tiles, e.g. 31UDR, 33UVU, 10SGG and recognised that the latest images are from the 16th of May 2020.

It seems like that from this date onward, no further images are available.

Can you be more specific with your findings?
I checked for example 31UDR and can see data from a couple of days ago, both L1C and L2A.
How exactly are you searching for these data?

If you are referring to OpenSearch API, there is an existing thread about this:

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Yes, I am referring to the OpenSearch API

Issue was resolved and all products are in sync again