Order multiple item ids at once for AIRBUS provider

Dear Sentinelhub team,

Firstly, thanks for the support through this forum.

I am currently working with Airbus data and I would like to order multiple item_ids at once like with Planetscope data.

However, it seems that we can specify only one item id in the payload data (https://docs.sentinel-hub.com/api/latest/api/data-import/examples/ => Order => Order products). I tried to give my list of item ids but it returns an error.

Do I need to do one order for each item id?

Feel free to ask me if you need any more details regarding my request.

Have a great day,


you can specify up to 10 products, but each of them must be an object containing the id field, e.g.:

"products": [
    { "id": "1c01a982-88cf-4fa7-8db5-ad531513903d" },
    { "id": "41eb6e89-ba07-4a3d-9913-8128122e41d7" }
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