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I noticed “order size” in the created order (after clicking on “Prepared order”) is not the same and is somewhat larger than the one estimated in the “Order options” section when creating an order for SPOT data. E.g., 2 km vs. 2.5 km in the created order. Shouldn’t the two match? What’s the reason for deviation?


Edit: This does not seem to be an issue with Pleiades

Dear Ole,

the estimation in Oder options is just a close estimation. The final calculation happens when you prepare the order.


Hi Monja,

I used exactly the same geometry when placing an order for both the SPOT and Pleiades data that has an area of roughly 2 km2. In fact, when I click on “See on the map” (for both orders currently running), I can verify it is exactly the same polygon. Yet the order size for SPOT was recalculated to 2.5 km2 once I clicked on “Prepare order”, this is 25% more than the actual area requested. This does not seem to be an issue with Pleiades (order size is correctly calculated at 2 km2). I also see that 2.5 km were deducted from the SPOT quota.

Dear Ole,

this would be because minimum order area for SPOT is 2.5 km2. So you can’t create an order that would take less quota, even if your area is smaller.
If you check the billing card for SPOT closely, it states “Minimum individual order: 2.5 km2”, while for Pleiades, it says “Minimum individual order: 0.25 km2”.
And PlanetScope also has a lower limit for an individual order of 1 ha.

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Ah, I missed that one! Thanks for pointing this out. Makes sense!

On a separate note - I would like to test PlanetScope data as well. Is there a way for me to trial it - without committing to a yearly subscription to a given area?

Unfortunately trial accounts for commercial data are not possible. But if you just want to test it, we can give you quota 0 for PlanetScope, and then you can run and examine the pre-prepared example requests in Requests Builder or Postman. However, you will be only able to order the exact area on the exact date, that is specified in the example request.

Yes, thanks, I would like to test it the way you describe it. In fact, I’d be happy to pay in order to be able to order a couple of timestamps for my AOIs for evaluation purposes - if there is such opportunity, without committing to a yearly subscription to said AOIs?

With this zero quota, will I also be able to browse products in order to get an idea of revisit rates for my AOIs?

The new PlanetScope pricing doesn’t allow for specific timestamps unfortunately, so this is not possible for new users anymore. There is no “trial run” option either for PlanetScope.
Yes, with quota set to 0 you should be able to send search requests normally. We have already set this on your Sentinel Hub account, so you can search for data and test the example requests.


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Got it, thank you for setting this up!