Ordering images for future observation dates / Airbus Pleiades


I would like to order a specific image from Airbus Pléiades constellation, for a future observation date (like in the coming week). Unfortunately, on the EO Browser I can only order past observations. Can you give me the procedure to basically order an image over a specific piece of land ?



Hi @kim.benni,

for the moment we only support access to archive data.
Note that for Pleiades (and similarly for SPOT, WorldView and most other VHR constallations, with exception of PlanetScope) there is no systematic acqusition. If one wants to order “future observations”, they need to use tasking, which comes with specific constraints (i.e. 100km2 minimum order areas, etc.).

If you are interested in tasking, do send us an e-mail and we will be coordinate your request.

Perhaps useful read about commercial data in a high-level way: