Orders vs Subscriptions in Planetscope

I’ve just made the dumb error of creating an Order instead of a Subscription (and it was over an area that I already had a subscription because I wanted to increase the area covered). Now I’m unable to delete the Order because ‘Running Orders cannot be deleted’.

Is there any way this data order can be converted to subscription? I think what got me is that the planetscope ‘Create order/subscription’ panel in Sentinel Hub EO Browser for Order has From and To dates just like the Subscription panel - in fact the only difference is the addition of the line ‘Query’ in the Order panel.

My error but I do think it would be less likely to occur if Create Order and Create Subscription were different menu tabs in Commercial Data rather than one tab with a slider between them.

Anyway, hopefully you can help me correct this error.

Kind Regards


Hi Matt,
once the order is confirmed, the quota is “marked” (consumed), which is why the order cannot be deleted.
However, with PlanetScope this should not be a problem at all, as the quota only applies to “unique area of interest”. You can therefore create as many orders/subscriptions over the same area and it will count only once.

Therefore, simply create a new subscription over the area and that is it. You might have a couple of observations duplicated, but it should not cause any problems, as Sentinel Hub will merge them during visualisation

Thanks Grega, easy to fix then and I’ll pay more attention to which tab I’m in.

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