Orthorectified Sentinel 1 images on AWS


In the page on the Sentinel 1 products (https://www.sentinel-hub.com/develop/documentation/eo_products/Sentinel1EOproducts I noticed a sentence in the AWS section that states:

“All products are projected to ground range only. Orthorectified products are also supported (since January 2019).”

Does this sentence mean that orthorectified Sentinel 1 products are directly available from an s3 bucket on AWS, and if so, what is the name of this bucket, or what prefix should I use to obtain the orthorectified products?

Thanking you.


This page is describing Sentinel Hub capabilities rather than AWS bucket.
We perform orthorectification on-the-fly. So to get these data, you can use Sentinel Hub API, e.g. using sentinelhub-py.

AWS bucket does not have ortho products.