Out of retries error


I tried to transform our NDVI anomaly script into NDWI anomaly script.
So I just, for now, change the formula of calculation of the index inside the script.
The problem is that it do not work and I do not understand why.

This one work :

This one do not :

I cannot find the problem. The only difference is ndWi instead of ndVi
Can you help us ?


I tried to look into this but the script is so confusing that it is not really possible to analyse it properly.
I suggest you clean-up the script so that differences will become obvious.

It seems that at least one of the 186 scenes that you want to evaluate in this request returns an error. Why so, I cannot say.

One thing to mention though is that on-the-fly multi-temporal processing functionality was not really designed to work on almost 200 scenes that have to be processed in a few seconds. I do not think this is an error in this case, but it does for sure not help…


I worked on rewriting the script to make it more readable, but I am still block and I do not understand the error I get. I have an error “Script failed to return.”

I put “throw new Error” everywhere but no one is triggered.

Can you please have a look ? I am a bit blocked here.

The script is https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Dessoul/ibisa-eo/master/ndviAnomaly2.js

Thank you !