Output Format JSON in request builder

I’m using the request builder to export an NDVI to JSON. I’ve the Examples for S2L1C and the output as GeoTIFF and the works 100%, but as soon as I select APP/JSON I get the following message:
“Format application/json does not support sample type FLOAT32.” I’ve tried AUTO under SampleType without success.

Any suggestions?
Much appreciated.

Hi @thinus,

It is not quite clear to me what data you actually want to have in your JSON. The Services are mainly designed to return raster data in form of arrays with pixel values, in your case NDVI values. The JSON format is more used for retrieving metadata from the requested scenes.

Could you elaborate on what exactly you would like to have in your JSON output file?

Best regards,

Hi Max,
Thanks for the feedback.
My mobile application uses NDVI shapefiles for crop monitoring. (When uploading ndvi data to my mobile application, the shapefiles gets converted into GeoJSON).

I was hoping that I could retrieve the ndvi data (0.1, 0.2, etc) in a JSON format to import into my mobile application (at the back-end) without changing any mobile code.

Is this possible?

Hi @thinus,
you have to understand that Sentinel-2 data are raster data (not vector!), therefore resulting file is raster as well. Therefore it cannot be output to JSON (or SHP).
You can try to use some of the GDAL functions on the back-end, transforming raster into vector but results will probably not be best.