Overlay of gps or klm route?

New to Sentinel and very impressed with this site. However, finding it difficult to overlay a klm route. Is there a step by step instruction on how to do this?

hi Grega,
Trying to overlay a gps or klm route overlay to sentinel would greatly enhance the ability to review trek conditions real time. Is there a way to do that?

Hi David,

this is not possible unfortunately in EO Browser.
I suggest to use Caltopo for such use as this is exactly what it is built for.


Thank you Grega, for your reply. Sadly, the CALTOPO Sentinel layer only has the options to choose from a few days per month, and there are months that there are only clouds. I find the sentinal website much better at getting views. Yet the missing trail makes researching the route very time consuming.

Well, you can always import your KMLs in QGIS and connect it with Sentinel Hub APIs, then you have all the power of QGIS (one of the best GIS tools out there) and Sentinel Hub.

See webinar on this topic:

Thanks Grega. Sadly, I dont have the time to listen through a 1 hour presentation. (Wish I did though). Looking for a written, step by step outline of how this could be done. Knowing how to do this would be helpful for me and a few 100,000 mapping software users me thinks. Is there a timestamp of the presentation that does that?

Here you have, a simple written, step-by-step outline, just need to google for a minute:

And, if you spend a minute with video, you will find a time-line in the description. To spare you the offer, here link to the specific part: