Payments not working


We’ve been trying to purchase processing units and Planet top-ups but the payment is not going through.
It worked for us in the past and we’ve been paying with the same bank account for a long time.
Did anything change? Is there anything to do to fix this?
We are using debit cards from US bank Mercury.

When we go to the transactions details in our bank we can see the failed transactions with this message:

Failure reason
This transaction failed due to being an unsupported transaction type.


We do indeed notice in our credit card processor (Adyen) that transaction was rejected.
There was no change done on our side in the last few weeks. It might be something between the bank and the payment processor, which is out of our control.
We recommend you try again, then possibly try to use either PayPal or some other credit card.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We tried last week as well and got like 5/6 transaction failures. We also tried different cards from the same bank and no luck.

Unfortunately that’s the only bank we have and we know another startups from the US use the same one. It seems strange that we couldn’t use the cards in here, it’s the only service we cannot pay.

We will talk with Mercury to see if there’s anything on their side on this. It would be interesting to know if Adyen itself changed anything as well and if for some reason some US cards won’t be supported from now on.

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