Pins from a few days ago have disappeared

A few days ago I created a large number of pins in the EO browser of places of interest with cloud free acquisitions. Unfortunately I don’t see them anymore in the list, only older pins. I believe this happened before, and maybe even showed up again at a later moment. Are they lost? Do you know of a bug in saving pins?

Thanks for checking!

Were you logged-in the system when creating pins?
In general pins are stored in your browser’s cache. If you login they get stored in the central system.

There is also an option to export pins to your computer, which we suggest you use when you create an interesting set of layers.

Thank you for your quick reply! I am quite sure I was logged in.

As a test I create a large number of pins last night (the ones I probably lost) while being logged in. When finished I created an export of my pins to be sure to not lose them again. This morning I had a look at my pc at work and logged in to see if my pins were stored correctly. About half of them are stored, but the ones I added in the last 45 minutes not. Could it be that they are not directly stored to the central system, but just ones every hour or so?

No, the pins are saved right away, or not at all (there should be error message in developer console in case of failure).

We have checked the code and we did identify a possible cause for lost pins (expired login session). However this should be a really rare occurance, so it is probably not what you have experienced. We will make the whole process of saving a bit more transparent (communicating the status of operation) and try to fix this and other causes. In the mean time I agree with @gmilcinski - exporting pins to local computer is the safest option.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for bringing this to our attention!