Pixel Is Points vs. Pixel Is Area

Hey all,
I have a question about some specifics in a given image from SentinelHub. I generally get the image in a .tiff format and wonder in what rasterspace it is given. Normally there are two different given (PixelisPoints and PixelisArea) from which the ‘Area’ is default. In some cases this is found in the tiff.tags, but this seems not to be the case here. Is there a clear answer and if so, can I find some documentation about it?

Some Infos about this is available at:

Thank you.

Hi Stephan,

I can confirm that the .tiff images that you fetch with Sentinel Hub services come with the PixelIsArea raster space. The GTRasterTypeGeoKey is present in the metadata: I used listgeo to check.

Hi maxim,

thank you for the fast and helping reply.