Pixel mismatch between Sentinel Hub and Sentinel-2 tile

Deat SentinelHub team,

I hope you are doing well :slight_smile:

I am writing to you because the pixels I receive via SentinelHub do not match perfectly with the Sentinel-2 tile. I specified the native resolution of Sentinel-2 (10m) in my WMS request. However, I have my ground truth which has been set against the Sentinel-2 10m band tile (agronomic data), so we have an offset …

Is there an option to have the original resolution of the 10m bands please? Otherwise I will manage to find a solution by doing an intersection …

Thanks in advance for your help.

Below, an illustration : In pink, the reference pixels from S2 tile and in grey those obtain from SentinelHub.


Hi @desloires.johann ,

Sentinel Hub APIs process the data for the input area. If you’d like to have pixels perfectly aligned, you need to make sure the extent of your input area is aligned to the Sentinel-2 grids.

Thank you @chung.horng :slight_smile:

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