Pixel shift between RGB channels for a single timestamp PlanetScope


I’m using Process API in Python to query PlanetScope imagery.

I’ve noticed that for some timestamp, RGB channels seem to be shifted or misaligned. I don’t seem to be able to see this effect in EOBrowser, and other timestamps also seem to be fine - even though also acquired via Process API.

Do you know what could be happening here?


Hi @ole.s,

Could you please just provide the bbox and timestamp? (possibly via DM)


Replied in DM. Thanks!

Python SDK is not mis-aligning pixels. The discrepancy comes from the fact that in that particular use-cases, the “timespan” option in EO-Browser should be used because the two consecutive observations are an hour apart, so time option should be used (otherwise the request to SH is created for a whole day).

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Thanks again for solving this, copying the below from DMs in case somebody encounters a similar issue:

In EO Browser, I used to click on individual tiles (please see below), intuitively thinking this renders exact timestamps I’m clicking on:


But indeed, it seems EO Browser queries the entire day by default behind the scenes (no matter what the exact timestamp is) and in turn, returns only the last timestamp for the day, unless a user explicitly requests a shorter time frame