Pixel values sum on Statisical API

Hi to all,

I’m calculating statistics using Statistical API on a BYOC collection, and getting the following section on the results JSON. I find the sum stat is missing. Is there a way to obtain it, getting the sum of all pixel values?

{‘min’: 0.5664525032043457,
‘max’: 0.5664525032043457,
‘mean’: 0.5664525032043457,
‘stDev’: 0.0,
‘sampleCount’: 1,
‘noDataCount’: 0


Hi @ops_sentinelhub ,

Unfortunately, Statistical API does not support the sum of all pixel values at the moment. However, there is an easy workaround to get the approximation via multiplying the mean and the sampleCount from the response of Statistical API.

Thanks for the quick answer Chung

I will investigate this option you mention

Is there a page for suggesting new features where I could post this one?


Forum is the right place to make suggestions. In this case I can forward your suggestions to our developer team.

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