Planet and WorldView data availabity

I would like to know if MAXAR-WorldView images are available for users from Latin America countries?
On the billing page it says that this data is available only for custormers within Europe, so even if I get a sponsored account I wouldn’t have access to these images? since I’m not in Europe country.

For Maxar WorldView we are indeed only able to resell to European customers, sorry about that.

For Planet data, we can offer it to anyone, worldwide.

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Thank you !!
But just to make sure.Even with a sponsored accounts? Cause I got a sponsoship request approved with the WorldView products among the services included and I would like to know if I will be able to use them.

Ah, you are referring for ESA-sponsored Network of Resources? For these, you should be able to use WorldView even from Latin America.

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