Planet quota limitation


I have a general question about the PlanetScope quota.
In the welcome email received about the configuration it is stated like this:

"With “Hectares under management: we recommend to use “Subscriptions”,
i.e. ordering all data at some AOI for a specific time-period and keep
the data up-to-date:

Note that there there are no limits to the quota set at the moment, so
you need to take care of it yourself. In case more data are used, it
will be charged for. More info about Hectares under management here:


I have generated a subscription through the Request builder and the area of my AOI is 0.34 km2.
I was wondering how the quota actually works. When choosing a time span, i.e. if I choose the interval from 2018-1-1 to “ongoing”, how is the quota calculated? Is it 0.34*number of imagery available (let’s say 50 images are available in that time span) or? So 0.34x50 = 17 km2 meaning we would use in total 17km2 for that specific AOI?

With PlanetScope “hectares under management” the quota consumption does not really depend on the time interval. It simply reflects the AOI size.
In your case the quota consumed is 34 hectares (0.34 km2). And if you have the subscription set in a way that you will be getting fresh data for the same AOI, there will be no new quota consumed - it is/will be always 34 ha.

Technically speaking, the quota is calculated by making a union of all your order geometries (AOIs) and then calculating the area of that union.

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Thank you @gmilcinski!