Planet RGB images, much difference between resolutions, same mission

Hi, I was writing this post to ask if when requesting images from the planet source, these images have a very different resolution for some reason, downloaded in the same way.

This is the script I use (It’s the same for the two images I attached)

            function setup() {
                return {
                    input: [{ "bands": ["B1", "B2", "B3", "dataMask"]}],
                    output: { bands: 4}
            var f = 10000;
            function evaluatePixel(sample) {
                return [sample.B3/3000, sample.B2/3000, sample.B1/3000, sample.dataMask];

And I attach the resulting images.

there are many factors, that can impact this:

  • PlanetScope doves are flying at different elevations - closer they are to the ground, sharper the image (if you check specs) you will see that the original resolution varies.
  • there might be band mis-alignment
  • atmospheric effects (haze) might impact data reprocessing
  • there are three sensors actually combined under PlanetScope - PS2, PS2.SD and PSB.SD, and there might be quality difference (check Planet documentation)