Planet scope Available dates

With planet scope we get almost daily images, but in some dates there are more missing dates.
For example:
2022 Period Jul-29 Aug-11 we are missing images of:

  • 02 ago
  • 04 ago
  • 05 ago
  • 07 ago
  • 09 ago

I undesrtand that Planet doesnt have them available. Do we know if this because of
cloudiness? Or which is the reason?
It is just to understand how the frecuency works.

Thank you.

There is no information provided on what is the reason for that. That said, if the area is too cloudy, preventing quality geolocation of the acquired scenes, such data is not distributed. So I’d say there is a decent chance that clouds are a problem.
If you want a direct answer from them, you can ask a similar question to their forum:

Thank you Grega :grin:

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