Planet Scope HUM Creating Subscription for AOI


I have subscribed to “Planet Scope HUM - Tier 3 quota Package”

I want to use planet data via the sentinel hub Python package. I want to subscribe to our AOI, so that we can get data for the same AOI for an entire year.


  • subscribed to Planet Scope HUM tier 3 Package- Completed
  • How do I create a subscription for my AOI using the Python package?
  • How do I fetch images for those subscriptions using the Python package?

Please guide us to document or steps how can we achieve same. I am trying different ways and read a lot of documentation but nothing helps.

Please help me, Thanks in Advance

I would kindly suggest you check this example:

You can also use the Request Builder application (“3rd party data import” → Subscriptions) to build specific request examples.

Will these api key require “planetApiKey” for Examples of PlanetScope data Import

Yes, you need Planet API key. But you should have received it after purchasing the Planet Scope package (the step you completed already)

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