Planet Scope Top Up Discounted price and size


We need to purchase more data for our Tier 1 package. My understanding is that we should use the top up option when ordering, that way the new data will be co-termed with the original data. Our data package was originally purchased in November 2023, so I was expecting ~50% discount when placing the top up order for more data; however, the discount was minimal (e.g. < 1% for a purchase date of Mar 26, 2024). I have two requests / questions:

  1. Why am I paying almost full price since I am purchasing more data mid-year (with respect to the original purchase date)
  2. What is the minimum size of area I can purchase using the top up option?

Screenshot of the top-up purchase window:

You should put in the date of the original purchase, i.e. November 2023 in your case. Then the discount should be properly applied.
Minimum package size is 500 hectares.