Planet Subscriptions API questions


We are about to start purchasing quota packages to integrate with Planet. After reading the FAQs, guides and topics on the forum, we still have a few questions (apologize in advance if they were already answered somewhere else).

Question 1
If we understand correctly, first we need to buy a quota package and this lasts for 12 months. In those 12 months we can subscribe to different AOIs and all those subscriptions will be valid until those 12 months pass (no matter when we subscribe to each individual AOI). Is this correct?
What happens if we want to “renew” our quota after 12 months? We should buy another quota package and set again the subscriptions for those AOIs right?

Question 2
If we want to subscribe to AOIs in different countries and different tiers, then we need to buy a quota package for each tier right?
Can we also buy different quota packages for the same tier? So top-ups can be co-termed with any of those packages and you can select which one (still same tier).
An example for this would be if we want to monitor AOIs for two different countries within the same tier that have different harvest seasons, then it might make more sense to “start” the season by buying a quota package for that country and then consecutive top-ups for same country will be in the same term hence will all expire at the same time so we end up adding top-ups that will fit perfectly with that country’s season time range.

Question 3
After creating a subscription for an AOI, can we edit that subscription? Best example that we have is if we want to modify the time range start date. Or should we delete the subscription and create a new one with the new time range? Or maybe creating a second subscription for the same AOI to add a new time range?
In any of these cases, if the AOI is the same, quota package won’t be affected correct?

Question 4
This is from the FAQs section:

Q: If I order the data for polygon A today, then increase the polygon a bit (polygon A'). How much quota will I consume?
A: As long as the polygon A is fully within polygon A', you will consume the total area of polygon A' ("union of polygons" rule)

Does this mean that if polygon A is 20 ha (which already were subtracted from quota) and later, ordered polygon A` is 30 ha (A is fully within A’), used quota would be 10 ha since the other 20 are already consumed?

Thank you!

Correct. Assuming, that you purchase a quota on May 1st 2022, the subscription for all AOIs will be valid until April 30th 2023.

You do need to purchase a new quota.
For the subscriptions, you can actually just keep them running. No need to set again, unless you want to change.

Correct. But if there are AOIs from several countries within the same Tier, you can only purchase one quota.

No, this is unfortunately not possible. In general, it is expected that even quotas for different Tiers will be co-termed eventually. (technically this is not so yet).

There is currently no way to edit subscription, but we are thinking about this, so it might come in the future. For the moment, the best way is to indeed either delete existing one and add a new one, or add a new one to “fill the gap”. The consumption is based on total area under management, regardless of how many subscriptions there are for a specific area. Even if you delete a subscription and create a new one, that is a tiny bit bigger, only this “tiny bit” AOI will be consumed additionally to the previous one.


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Hi Grega, based on this conversation I just ended a subscription and started a new one over the same area but on trying to confirm the new one that mostly overlaps (and is same 0.61km^2) I keep getting following error. This has been a few hours now - is it just a refresh problem or has the subscription quota-ing system changed? Thanks in advance

{“providerError”:{“status”:403,“content”:"{“error”:{“reason”:“Quota issue”,“details”:[“Insufficient quota. Please contact customer support or your Planet contact to resolve the issue.”]}}"}}

Hi @sechy,
this was our error, sorry. We mis-configured your account. This error has now been mitigated and the last subscription you were trying to make, is now RUNNING (I confirmed it to check if it is working). There should as well not be similar problems in the future.

I apologise for the inconvenience.

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All good. Thanks for responding so quickly