Planet Top Ups limit


We are now starting a new season here in South America and a month ago we purchased just the first couple of Planet data packages, but as days/months go by we will probably be onboarding more clients and purchasing top ups.
We were wondering if there’s any limitation on the top ups that we can purchase for a specific tier?
We are projecting to need around 130-170 packages at least and when trying the top-up purchases we noticed that there’s a limit of 100 packages. Is that a hard limit or just the max packages to buy per transaction but we can repeat that process again?
And if it is, what happens after those 100 packages?


Hi @minian.matias,
great to see so much interest in PlanetScope data!
There is no hard limit on the top-ups. What you see is just a user interface tweak as we did not expect people will be buying so many top-ups at the same time.

Good to know we can do this if we get to onboard certain clients.
Thanks for the quick reply!

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