Planetary Variables Sandbox data via Trial Account?


the Sales team told me in a call last month that I could access the Sandbox Data for Planetary Variables under a Trial Account which I have. When I click on “Explore Sandbox Data via EO Browser” here though, I’m being told

Your current account type is not eligible Continue without access (OK) or upgrade your account to gain access to Planet Sandbox Data.

Similarly, selecting any of the PV Sub-themes such as LST indicates that

" Only Planet users and Sentinel Hub users with a paid subscription have access under the CC-BY-NC license."

I pointed this out to the Sales team on May 29 but three weeks later have received no response.

Any clarification on this? Does one have to have a paid subscription to even obtain these sample datasets?


Hi Gregor,
sorry for the confusion. Sales team was probably referring to “6-months free trial for Planet customers”.
The Sandbox data is currently not available to Sentinel Hub free trial accounts. You can, however, subscribe to the smallest of the subscriptions.