Planetary Variables Subscription


I have a few questions regarding Planetary Variables, particularly about Forest Carbon Diligence product.

  • How does the subscription work? Mainly:

a) Could I acquire images for a certain area on multiple dates - for example, request an image for October 2019, January 2020, September 2020, June 2021?
b) What is the pricing?
c) Is there a minimum amount to purchase?

  • I see some blog posts mentioning 3m, but the documentation refers to 30m resolution - what are the properties?

I tried a while ago to contact Sales, as indicated, but I haven’t received a reply yet and would really like to know more about this data.
Thank you!

Hi Ana Silva,

as we don’t have these products yet available as a self-serve, I would kindly ask you to contact the Sales team:

I also suggest you check this page as it provides some of the information you are looking for:

Hi! Thank you for the information.
Does any other contact for Planet exist, by any chance? I have tried the form twice now, but no reply as of yet (first attempt was two weeks ago).