PlanetScope Catalog API: Cloud Coverage not available

Hello everyone,

I’m using the Catalog API to access dates from the PlanetScope satellite, but I’m encountering an issue: I’m unable to retrieve the cloud cover for each scene in the query results. Does anyone know how I can obtain this information?

I appreciate any suggestions you can offer!

Hi Carlos, currently, this information isn’t available to you via the Catalog API. You can filter Planetscope imagery by cloud cover using the Third Party Data Import API, however. You can see this in action in this example.


I’ve created my collection on Planet with a maximum cloud coverage of “maxCloudCoverage”: 50. However, I’ve noticed that the images in my collection display a higher cloud coverage than indicated.

For instance, in the acquisition for December 29, 2023, the cloud coverage is marked as 99%, which means it shouldn’t appear in the collection. However, it still appears.

Thank you for your attention.