Planetscope, more than one images in less than one hour!


when i search for planetscope imagery, i see that there are more than one images per day which does not happen for S1 sat. what is the reason? is it really two different image acquisions? what is the best idea to handle this?


HI Tom,
this can happen for two reasons:

  • Planet’s Dove (sensors, which acquire PlanetScope) mission is composed of more than 200 satellites (compared to 2 for Sentinel) so the chance of overlapping orbits is significantly higher (it also happens with Sentinel, but just in high latitudes)
  • PlanetScope scenes are much smaller than Sentinel-2 ones, so the chance of your AOI being on the border ob two scenes is larger

You can recognise the latter option by comparing sensing time - if it is just a few seconds/minutes away, this is the case, and you can simply let Sentinel to stich these together by setting from/to timestamp to a couple of minutes away.

If the difference is a couple of hours away, we would recommend using the data that were taken between 11 and 12 local time.

thanks grega for your help

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