Planetscope NDVI Image

“I’ve managed to create a Planet Subscription and confirm it. Now, when I access, I receive a response containing available dates and IDs. How can I request NDVI imagery for my Area of Interest (AOI) using the PlanetScope data from the list of available IDs?”

Or is their a better way to do it?

Thanks in Advance

Hi @swapnil ,

After a successful Planet Subscription, there should be a data collection of your Planet subscription appeared in your My collections tab on your dashboard.

With the collection id you will be able to access your Planet data with all Sentinel Hub APIs, e.g., Processing API, Statistical API, etc. Please have a look at our sentinelhub-py documentation which demonstrates how to access your data with the collection id and other examples for Processing API, Statistical API, and more.

Hi, where can I get all dates available for the added subscription ?

Hi @swapnil ,

Please consider the Catalog API.

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