PlanetScope order completion delay

The questions are about PlanetScope the order completion.
We have experienced that when we make bulk orders for PlanetScope data via sentinel hub API and simultaneously trying to get the list of the pending orders from the PlanetScope’s own API. We found there the orders stats for running and queued orders come out to be 0 while the orders were still pending on the sentinel hub API end.
The API used to check the stats is provided below and PlanetScope account credentials were used to access the information.

Aggregate Orders Stats

I have few questions listed below which need answers

  1. Is this a normal scenario where some other processing is taking time going on the sentinel hub end to make the PlanetScope order data available?
  2. Are there any stats regarding what is the expected delay between image order completion on PlanetScope and the same data becoming available through the sentinel hub API?
  3. In case if there is some delay whether that delay accumulates for bulk orders?

How long of a delay are you noticing? It should not be more than a couple of minutes…

When you submit the order, the following is happening:

  • order is submitted to Planet’s API
  • we wait for the Planet to deliver the data to our bucket
  • then we convert GeoTiffs into COGs fitting Sentinel Hub BYOC
  • then we ingest them into Sentinel Hub
  • then the order is completed

The whole process, after we get the data delivered to the bucket, should not take more than 3-5 minutes. If there are really large orders (thousands of products) it might be a bit longer, or if there is a backlog of these. But again, it should not really be much.

So if there is a couple of minutes delay that is on per image order basis. If there are many such orders does this delay linearly accumulate for all the orders?

It should be on the order basis. It may delay a bit, until our system recognises the backlog and scales up.