PlanetScope order confirmation returns NOT_ENOUGH_QUOTA error


Our PlanetScope order confirm returns 403 Error NOT_ENOUGH_QUOTA.
It seems enough quota remains in dashboard.
Can you please find out what is happening?

“error”: {
“status”: 403,
“reason”: “Forbidden”,
“message”: “Forbidden”,
“errors”: {
“availableQuota”: 0.024785383855487453,
“requiredQuota”: 5.145963596646501

We bring our own account. Please refer the following topic:

Hi, we have increased your SH PlanetScope quota, so it should work now.

Please note that for users like you, who have purchased directly from Planet, the quota we set inside SH is somewhat arbitrary and we can increase it on demand.

Hi msterk,

It is working now. Thank you for your support!
I understand that we need to make a request each time we exceed my quota.

Yes, but we have set it high enough that it probably will not happen again.

Hi misterk,

NOT_ENOUGH_QUOTA was also found today. The dashboard shows Quota as 1 sq. km for PlanetScope, which is obviously not much. Could you please confirm this?

    "error": {
        "status": 403,
        "reason": "Forbidden",
        "message": "Forbidden",
        "code": "NOT_ENOUGH_QUOTA",
        "errors": {
            "availableQuota": 1,
            "requiredQuota": 1.0934660468461979

Hi @shunsukeakimoto,

sorry about that, ti seems that our configuration was overriden. Can you try again?


Hi @gmilcinski,

Thank you for your support!