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When ordering VHR data from third parties it can happen that, despite a relatively low cloud cover, the actual AOI is (partially) clouded.
I was wondering if it is possible to see a preview of PlanetScope data before the actual order is placed.
For SPOT and Pleiades data we have been mainly using GeoStore. Are you aware of anything similar for PlanetScope images and/or do you offer or plan to offer a preview-service?

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previewing products/items before ordering will be supported at some point in the future. In the mean time and in the case of PlanetScope, you can download previews from Planet API directly because you already have your Planet API key.

If you inspect the response of a search request to the Sentinel Hub API /api/v1/dataimport/search endpoint, you can find something like:

  'features': [
      '_links': {
        '_self': '...',
        'assets': '...',
        'thumbnail': ''},

You can download previews in PNG format directly from the “thumbnail” URL, but you have to provide your Planet API key. For the above example:

curl -H "Authorization: api-key <your-Planet-API-key>" > preview.png

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Hello Marjan,

thanks a lot, I will try that!

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