PlanetScope PSScene and 8-Band Products Support

Sentinel Hub now supports the PlanetScope item type PSScene in addition to the existing PSScene4Band. Key differences:

  • ability to order 8-band products in addition to the 4-band ones,
  • harmonization of surface reflectance products to Sentinel-2 values,
  • the same product bundles supported in subscriptions as in orders,
  • changed band names from sequential B1…B4 to descriptive, to avoid confusion between 4-band and 8-band data.

Additional info:

Please note that:

  • Nothing changes for the users of the PSScene4Band item type. However, PSScene4Band will be deprecated by January 2023. After that you will not be able to create new orders or subscriptions for PSScene4Band and existing subscriptions will stop. However, the alredy imported BYOC collections will continue to work normally.
  • Existing collections containing PSScene4Band data are not compatible with the PSScene data. However, you can re-order the same data again as PSScene at no additional cost to you.