PlanetScope PSScene and 8-Band Products Support

Sentinel Hub now supports the PlanetScope item type PSScene in addition to the existing PSScene4Band. Key differences:

  • ability to order 8-band products in addition to the 4-band ones,
  • harmonization of surface reflectance products to Sentinel-2 values,
  • the same product bundles supported in subscriptions as in orders,
  • changed band names from sequential B1…B4 to descriptive, to avoid confusion between 4-band and 8-band data.

Additional info:

Please note that:

  • Nothing changes for the users of the PSScene4Band item type. However, PSScene4Band will be deprecated by January 2023. After that you will not be able to create new orders or subscriptions for PSScene4Band and existing subscriptions will stop. However, the alredy imported BYOC collections will continue to work normally.
  • Existing collections containing PSScene4Band data are not compatible with the PSScene data. However, you can re-order the same data again as PSScene at no additional cost to you.

Dear Sentinel Hub user,

as we have informed you in March, Planet is deprecating support for PSScene4Band.

As of November 1, 2022, you will no longer be able to create new Orders and Subscriptions using the PSScene4Band item and asset types. After this date, you will only be able to create Orders and Subscriptions using PSScene.

What you need to do to prepare:

  • Update your Orders and Subscriptions with the PSScene item type before November 1.
  • Delete or cancel Subscriptions you do not want migrated.

What Planet will take care of for you:

  • Starting on Tuesday, November 15, if no action is taken on your part, Planet will begin to automatically migrate most subscriptions using PSScene4Band to PSScene. We recommend removing any subscriptions with legacy PSScene4Band asset types, as Planet will no longer support them.

Best Regards,

Sentinel Hub Team

We were asked recently to use item type PSScene instead of PSScene4Band. How to determine the correct product bundle for PSScene.

The current config is below. Please advise with a suitable config with PSScene.

Item_type: ‘PSScene4Band’


The closest equivalent is ‘analytic_udm2’, which has the same optical bands plus additional UDM2 “usable data mask” bands, which you can ignore if you do not need them. Note that the band names differ between PSScene and PSScene4Band, as documented here.

Thank you,

Can we use an 8band bundle(analytic_8b_udm2) under the same planet scope plan? Before, we were using four bands with PSScene4Band.

Yes, you can use both the 4-band and 8-band bundles under the same plan. Note, however, that significantly more data is available as 4-band imagery than as 8-band.

Thanks. Please could you elaborate on what more data is available as 4-band imagery than as 8-band?

8-band data is only available from the new “SuperDove” satellites, while 4-band data is available from all PlanetScope satellites. Please find more detailed info in Planet’s specifications.

We have configured the eight bands for the new item PSScene as documented but getting the below error.

Collection Id: bbee6398-32a1-4403-8a92-XXXXXXXXX

PlanetScope (

Config set up at code base :
harmonizeTo: ‘PSB.SD’,
itemType: ‘PSScene’,
productBundle: ‘analytic_8b_udm2’,



"error": {

    "status": 400,

    "reason": "Bad Request",

    "message": "Harmonization to PSBSD not supported for the requested itemType and productBundle",

    "code": "COMMON_BAD_PAYLOAD"


Harmonization is not available for the PSScene top of the atmosphere reflectance products (analytic_udm2 and analytic_8b_udm2), thus “harmonizeTo” must be “NONE”.

Harmonization to “Sentinel-2” is available for the surface reflection poducts (analytic_sr_udm2 and analytic_8b_sr_udm2).

Thank you!

Could we place different orders for both 4-bands and 8-bands for AOI under the same planet purchase plan? Will this affect the quota?

Yes you can, without impact to the quota.

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Dear Sentinel Hub user,

as explained two weeks ago, running subscriptions for the deprecated PlanetScope item type PSScene4Band will be automatically migrated to PSScene by Planet. However, the auto-migrated subscriptions cannot be ingested into existing BYOC collections. We have therefore canceled any such subscriptions. If you wish to continue receiving new data and haven’t yet migrated to PSScene as described above, please do so now.

Best Regards,

Sentinel Hub Team