PlanetScope Quota Issue

Dear @gmilcinski and SHub team,

Since it is not possible yet to see the real PlanetScope quota consumed from SentinelHub platform I was looking at the user profile configuration section from Planet. I was able to see the quota I consumed from each Tier until the PlanetScope Subscription API arrived.

Since that moment, percentages on the Planet side became crazy as you can see in the image below:

Just to let you know this is happening and that it will not affect negatively the users and also ask you if there is any way of knowing the PlanetScope paid quota and the quota consumed from your SHub side.

Kind regards,
Pablo Romero

Hi Pablo,
thanks for pointing this up. We will coordinate with Planet. This feature in their platform is in experimental phase.

Note that we have added the area of subscriptions in the Dashboard:
(also in experimental phase)

Screenshot 2022-02-19 at 18.51.26

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No problem! Thank you!