PlanetScope subscription ending

Good day

We received an email stating that our Planet subscription is ending on April 12th 2024 and that the subscribed areas will stop processing.

We have however purchased a new subscription package on the 5th of September 2023 for the planet hectares under management model and have done top ups since then dated for the 5th of September 2023.

Does the email mean that all areas subscribed before the new package (05-09-2023) was bought will stop or does it mean everything including our new purchases will stop?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards
Rickus Swanepoel

Hi Rickus,
in line with the principles of Area under management, which have been clearly communicated with all of our PlanetScope users, all the plans are co-termed. This is why there is a top-up option in the purchase, asking you to select the date of the first purchase.
Therefore, as a general rule, all subscriptions you have under account will stop on April 12th.
If there was an error made on your side when making initial purchases, do contact us via support e-mail, providing relevant information, and we will look into the issue.

Hi Grega

We used the April top up option up until the end of August. There after from the 5th of September we purchased a new subscription( not a top up).

We started with this new subscription (without a top-up) so that we have another 12 months available for all the area subscriptions that we created after 5th of September 2023.

The reason we started on the 5th of September with a new subscription is to coincide with the southern hemisphere summer cropping season.

Dear Rickus,
it seems you have misunderstood the instructions. It is not possible to change the billing cycle in the middle of the year.
We have contacted you via e-mail to try to resolve this issue.