PlanetScope subscription problem

We have a problem with our PlanetScope subscription for desired AOI. Even though we can see all of the imagery on EO browser (commercial data) for the whole set timeline, our subscription is still marked as running. We don’t know if it just needs more time, or the problem is somewhere else?

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Hi @matjaz.ivacic ,

If your subscription’s end time is in the future, your subscription will keep delivering data and remain as running until then.

Please see the PlanetScope Subscriptions overview.

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Thank you for your help!

So when will our quota be used? Right now it says that none of our 50km2 of quota is used right now, but we can access the imagery

Hi @matjaz.ivacic ,

Your quota was consumed when the subscription was confirmed. Unfortunately, the quota in Sentinel Hub does not reflect your actual usage of Planet Scope data at the moment (see the documentation). Please be careful of your usage.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

The best way to see the consumed quota is by logging it to the Planet account:

Thank you for advice, yes on the Planet is platform is right status.

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