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I am an ordinary student from Ukraine and I want to get satellite images of my house in the highest resolution. Who can answer these questions:

  1. How much do I need to pay for this? .
  2. What image resolution can I get (as in Google maps or worse)?
  3. How many pictures can I take if for example I want to take a picture of an area of ​​500 meters?
  4. Where can I see a detailed guide on where to click to get pictures?
  5. Can I get pictures at all if I’m not working (only for personal use)?

Hello @Zegorovskiy1355

To answer your questions:

Yes you can get satellite images from Sentinel Hub,

  • however Sentinel Hub uses free Sentinel-2 images, which is 10-meter resolution and at such resolution it is quite hard to identify a house clearly , as you would with google maps which have 0.3 or 0.5 m resolution. Here is an [example] ( . Sentinel does however provide much more recent images compared with google maps.

  • In most cases for such an area, you will get one image for every date that an image was captured

  • You can start browsing for free Sentinel-2 satellite images on the EO browser application. At the start it provides a guide which is fairly simple to follow. You can also download an image for free provided you have registered for a trial account . Start here

  • If free Sentinel-2 images do not meet your resolution needs, with Sentinel Hub you can purchase commercial data with higher resolution (3m -Planetscope, 2m-Pleiades, 1.5 m -SPOT, 0.5m -worldview), and for that you will need at least an active Sentinel Hub subscription. Here is the pricing list

  • Yes images from Sentinel Hub can be used for personal use

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Please tell me, did I understand correctly that this plan (30 euros) is designed for image quality at 3 m? And how many shots can I take if for example I need an area of ​​200 meters? Forgive me for such questions, I just don’t understand what exactly these plans give. Or is it possible to use the image quality of 0.5 meters even on the cheapest subscription?

It means, if you subscribe to the cheapest subscription which is exploration plan (30 Eur) , you will get access to login to the dashboard, from where you can purchase a quota package, which you can use to order any of these commercial data which is high resolution (3m -Planetscope, 2m-Pleiades, 1.5 m -SPOT, 0.5m -worldview) that you are interested in.

If you login to the dashboard, in the Commercial Third-Party Data section, you will see the prices to purchase a quota package.

Once you purchase the quota successfully, the quota will be added to your account and you can use it to order images for your area, using EO browser commercial data tab

and regarding how many images you will get for 200m area, you can check with EO browser even if you have not purchased a quota

The providers of the images have set a minimum area per order e.g for pleiades images, the minimum area per individual order is 0.25Km2. This limit is set by them, we have no control. However all the images within the order will be delivered to your account.

If you scroll down just below the pricing plans, there is a Commercial Third-Party Data section, where you will see the minimum area per order for each of them.

you can also check this thread

if you have further questions i am here to help

That is, I correctly understood that if I, for example, buy a quota, for example, Planetscope, then if I take a picture, then an area in square 0.25 Km2 will be available to me and at the same time as 3m, and if I buy a worldview quota, then a picture with an area of ​​5 Km2 will be available to me and if I bring such a picture closer to an area of ​​​​a 0.25 Km2, then the quality will be 3 / 0.5 = 6 times better than in the Planetscope quota (that is, like in Google maps)? Where can I find out the prices for quotas without buying the subscription itself (or at least for the worldview quota)? I just don’t know if I can afford quotas, because if not then what’s the point of buying a subscription?

No, the resolution of an image stays the same, you cannot improve it by bringing it closer . resolution determines how much details you can see , 0.5m image will show more details compared to 3m image .

see here for a simple illustration of how images of different resolution would look like. (switch between 30cm, 70cm ,1m)

You can please sign up for a free trial account, then you can check the quotas

Note that you can also see some examples of these images in Flickr