Please help us about indexes, we only have two of nine

Hello, we were able to see the two indices NDVI and RGB. Last year we had other indexes, but now we don’t have them. Has something changed in the package or are we having a problem again? In addition to the above indices, we also had: SAVI, SR, NDWI, NDMI, EVI, LAI, NBR.
We have uour service-Sentinel Hub -
Exploration: OGC standard WMS / WCS / WMTS / WFS
API for advanced features
Confguration Utility tool

Hi @stefan.djurovic ,

Which configuration do you reference to? Is the account linked to the email stefan.djurovic@MASKED?

Hi, account is:stefan.djurovic@MASKED
We have all nine indexes about agriculture when we conected, but now we only have two. What is happening? We have paid for the service we have had for the past year and we want to continue with it. please help

I suggest you check this FAQ on how to add new products in your configuration:

And here you will find hundreds of indices:

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