Pleiades image rotation with respect to its geolocation

Hello, I was writing in the forum because the last product downloaded from pleiades (Original image with id: 608a051b-c726-410f-a208-79fe0fa42080), there is a difference between the image and the geolocation of the same. In our case the product with id d81f71e3-39d2-4178-b0fd-5758260b1449, as you can see with the attached images, does not match with respect to the map in the QGIS tool.

For this reason, we would like to ask whether this is only the case with this product or whether there is a problem with the geolocation of the images.

Best regards

Hi @seda.defensa,
if you check the Pleiades user guide, which is linked from our technical documentation, you will notice information:

Location accuracy at nadir: Performance (October 2017): 6.5 m CE90

where CE90 stands for “CE90: Circular Error with a confidence level of 90% (positioning accuracy on both axes). It indicates that the actual location of an object is represented on the image within the standard accuracy for 90% of the points. See also Geolocation accuracy, RMSE.”

Therefore, even though such geolocation errors are not very often, they do happen with automatic orthorectification.