Pleiades ordering feedback

I’ve managed to successfully do a data search for Airbus/Pleiades data and get several results.

However, if I try to simply order based on that successful search query (, I get this response:
HTTPError: 400 Client Error: Bad Request for url:

The query which works for search but not ordering:
{‘provider’: ‘AIRBUS’,
‘bounds’: {‘geometry’: {‘type’: ‘Polygon’,
‘coordinates’: ()}},
‘data’: [{‘constellation’: ‘PHR’,
‘dataFilter’: {‘timeRange’: {‘from’: ‘2020-03-01T00:00:00.000Z’,
‘to’: ‘2020-04-10T00:00:00.000Z’}}}]}

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Have you excluded coordinates before posting the forum or they are actually missing?
I tried similar query (but with coordinates) and it works for me.

One thing to mention here - we have noticed several “almost” duplications in Pleiades products - e.g. observations done on the same day/time, just cllipped a bit differently (sometimes very much differently, sometimes just a bit). Therefore, if you order the data using “query” function, you might end up with duplicated consumption… So something to have in mind.

I removed the coordinates as I cannot post them publicly - I will send you an email…

I initially tried by providing the product ids and doing it that way, but that didn’t work either, so I tried the version which should be exactly the same as the search query. I don’t see how a search query can return several products, but the exact same query posted as an order gives an error.

The size of my request geometry is about 0.5 km2. The minimum order size is 0.25 km2.

If I buffer my geometry up to an area of >1 km2, the order (not confirmed) works, but lists its area as 0.25 km2. (i.e. by doing: sqkm = order[‘sqkm’])

Is something wrong with the order area system?

I can reproduce the error now, thanks. Will come back with our findings.

The second issue is even weirder.

Will come back.

Ah, I think I have figured out both, and they are linked.

It looks like my requested geometry is right on the edge of the product, so without buffering it (original 0.5 km2 request), only a very small corner overlaps, so I guess when it tries to order it, the order area is actually significantly lower than 0.25 km2. When I buffer the geometry to make it much larger, the area which overlaps the product is 0.25 km2, so it is equal to the minimum order area and therefore does work…


Now that I have some beautiful pan-sharpened Pleiades data, it would be nice to see it in its full glory in EO Browser. Would it be possible to allow higher zoom levels - 18 being the current maximum?


Hi @barrett,

Thank you for the feedback and making the remark about the maximum zoom level. It is important that we change this for BYOC collections! We will inform you once this is available.



Is it possible to do this for Pleiades as well?
We are frequently finding very useful Pleiades scenes in the GeoStore which we cannot order through Sentinel Hub…

Hi @barrett,

The maximum zoom level for BYOC collections in EO Browser has been adjusted!

We are investigating the other issue of missing Pleiades scenes and will let you know about our findings as soon as possible.

Cheers, Max

Hi Max,

Did you revert the change - the maximum zoom level was >18, but now it is back to 18 again…

I have one EO browser tab open which lets me zoom to level 25, and a newer one I opened with the same dataset only lets me go to 18…

Hi @barrett,

I cannot reproduce the zoom level issue. Could you check which version of EO Browser you are using?

Another possible cause: In case you are using the layer comparison functionality, higher zoom levels are not working there yet. We will fix that shortly!

Cheers, Max

Ah ha! Yes, I was using the layer comparison!
It would be helpful for it to work in layer comparison, but we can work around that for now.


Hi @barrett,

We just updated the EO Browser and the adjusted zoom levels should now work in the compare mode as well.

Cheers, Max

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