Pleiades tri stereo in EO Browser?

I assume this list of Pleiades results (from the COVID script competition) means that there are 3 separate images from a tri-stereo tasking?

If so, the new time-span option doesn’t allow them to be separately viewed because they are taken less than 1 minute apart. Is it possible to see the different images in EO Browser?

You can control time interval as described in 2nd point here:

That being said, I’d guess that this are separated parts of the same acquisition.

I initially also thought they were the same parts of the same acquisition, but if you zoom right in, and move anywhere in the image footprint, you always get the same 3 results. Its not like with S2 when you see this when you’re at a product boundary.

Unfortunately these 3 aquisitions are within 1 minute of each other, so cannot be distinguished with the timespan in the UI, BUT… can be distinguished by editing the WMS request sent when one tries to download an image and adding various ranges of seconds. When I do this I get 3 images with different look angles - it is a tri-stereo acquisition, although it requires a work-around to actually see.

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Good find!

Btw, I think it should be possible to fine-tune the timing on one minute as well. If you set the same minute in from/to, you should get one image. Then change both +1, and so. (did not test it though)

Setting both to the same minute doesn’t work - you just get a blank image.

Ah, interesting. Can you point to the location, where you tried this, so that we can debug?

Zaragoza shopping centre from the script competition VHR data list.

Ah, now I see the issue… It’s the same minute and EO Browser only has UI controls down to the minute (we did not find it necessary to over-complicate the UI then…).