Point data what format and what coordinate system etc

Is it possible to upload a file of points and get data from sentinel 2 for these points on every date when they are clear of cloud (or just zeros where there is cloud). We have data recorders at a network of points and want to match what the satellite says to what our ground based recorders and models say.

Hi Michael,

There isn’t a function that directly allows you to specify point geometries and retrieve Sentinel-2 data at those precise locations. How large is your network? If the points are closely grouped (within several 10’s of km) you could request the images for the extent of the points then extract the values from the pixels in a second step. I think the approach will depend on the input data.

Network perhaps 30 points but models cover larger areas than just the points. Some are close and others are hundreds of Km from each other. Perhaps 10 main sites.

In that case, the workaround that I would suggest is to make polygons that cover the main sites, query the data using these polygons (with sentinelhub-py if you work in Python, otherwise through the API) , and then use a GIS tool or library to extract the pixel values for each point.