Polygons uploaded in EO-browser

I uploaded a file with some polygons for which I need to inspect how the S2 images are inside these areas. However, the default style has a transparency that doesn’t allow to see inside the polygons.

1.Is it possible to set the transparency to 100% in order to make them transparent, and only keep the line contour? Can I customize the style or this is something that I should be reporting as a “bug” or “feature request”?
2. Another question: is it possible to query each polygon to inspect the record associated?
3. Finally, is it possible to export (zonal) statistics regarding S2 time series in polygons?


Hi @madi,
you are stretching the functionality of the EO Browser beyond the scope it was designed for. We will take this into account when thinking about upgrades, so thank you for the feedback.
For your questions:

  1. No, this is not something currently supported. I recommend that instead of using EO Browser, you use QGIS and our QGIS plugin, which will give you all the functionality you need.
  2. This can again be done best in QGIS or even better in Python using Statistical API.
  3. You can use OGC API to export GeoTiffs and then do analysis on top of this.

Thank you for your reply.

Re 1.: I’m a bit surprised that uploading a vector file as polygon is supported, but it is not possible to look inside the polygon(s), not even toggle the layer on/off, because the chosen default style masks the area. E.g. it is possible to upload an area of interest, but not look inside of it. This looks like a bug to me.

Re 2.: what I meant, is if I can see/query the record from the table associated to my polygon. Like e.g. the ID or name of the sample (polygon), which is of course something that I already have in my GIS program.

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I remembered there’s another way to see the inside of a polygon, but it includes downloading the image.
After uploading / drawing a polygon, you can use the “Download image” option (best to use the Analytical mode for this) - the downloaded image is showing only the inside of the polygon.
Maybe this suits your needs.

The current implementation of displaying polygons uses default Leaflet settings and is very basic in terms of what can be done with it as we didn’t have enough use cases at the time of the implementation. So, the main feature of it is displaying statistical data of some layers for the polygon.
It has a lot of room for improvements and additional features for sure. I think we can definitely try to add your proposed feature to it in the upcoming updates.

Hope this helps in any way.

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Thanks much for your reply. Just to add a bit more context: what I was trying to do is actually visualize the changes over time in certain areas (polygons) where clear cuts have occurred. I have a possible range of dates for when the logging have occurred, from WorldView images. However, the WV images that I have are distant in time and I wanted to restrict the range dates by looking at the S2 images. In the table associated to my polygon I have the information regarding my estimated time range, so this is why I would like to be able to query that.
I think that the EO browser would be very convenient for visualization purposes like this one, and hope that this feedback would help improve it.
Thanks for your work, much appreciated.
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Hi Grega
I would really like uploaded polygons to be transparent also for quick visualisation without the need to download data.

we put this on the list of future features, but we don’t have a plan when it would be implemented.