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I also have a related question.

Here in the image are describe the costs of each satellite.

How could I calculate the cost for 1 km2 per month of each lane?

What I didn’t understand is that the cost of the quota is €100, but below it says “price for quota” and the first lane (0-500km2) costs €8.5 per km2, so the total cost would be €100 + €8.5 = € 108.5 per km2 ?

And below it says the price is calculated with a 6-month window, so the cost would be €108.5 per km2 in 6-months?
So if we divide €108.5 per km2 /6 months = €18,083 per km2 /month

Would it be this?

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Pleiades, SPOT and WorldView data are sold “per sq. km”, i.e. for each observation (i.e. different to PlanetScope’s Hectares under management).

You should also take into account, that these missions are not acquiring data on a systematic basis, so it might be that some weeks or months there will be no data at all. I would recommend you use EO Browser and search for data in specific areas, so that you get a feeling on what is available:

The principle is therefore pretty simple:

  • you purchase 100 EUR worth of quota (or “credits”)
  • whenever you order data in a specific region, this quota will be reduced for an amount equaling “< area km2 > x < cost per km2 >”.
  • you need to consume your quota in 12 months, otherwise it expires
  • if you consume more than i.e. 500 km2 of Pleiades data in 6 months, the price per km2 for next order will be reduced

Perhaps also worth to read our blog post on this topic:

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