Problem accessing database

Edit: translation of “Problema ao acessar banco de dados”

I’m new here and since yesterday I can’t generate images or access via the Sentinel platform. When I put to search images from Landsat2 the following message: Error when recovering additional data!
These are the parts of the subject that contain unavailable data sources:

Would it be necessary to purchase some data package ? Or is this a problem between the browser I use (Chrome) and the platform?

Sou novo por aqui e desde ontem não consigo gerar imagens ou acessar via plataforma Sentinel. Quando coloco para buscar imagens do Landsat2 a seguinte mensagem: Erro ao recuperar dados adicionais!
Estas são as partes do tema que contêm fontes de dados indisponíveis:

  • GIBS
    Seria necessário que adquirir algum pacote de dados ? Ou este é um problema entre o navegador que uso (Chrome) e a plataforma?


I am guessing that by Sentinel platform you mean EO Browser? There is no need to purchase anything to display the sources of data listed in the search tab. I’m not sure what you mean exactly about “Landsat2” we provide Landsat 5, 7 and 8 under the Landsat tab, as well as Landsat WELD under the GIBS tab.

Could you maybe check Developer Tools console (on Windows: by pressing F12 and selecting “Console” tab) if there are any error messages there?

Olá, obrigado pela atenção.

De fato, fiz confusão na hora de digitar a mensagem aqui, me referia ao Sentinel-2.
Verifiquei o console e aparece a seguinte mensagem de Erro: 2.0be016ec.chunk.js:1 GET 404.
Após esta mensagem aparecem algumas que acredito ser o sistema tentando operar, mas não consegue. Por último, aparece a seguinte: dataSourceHandlers.js:167 Error retrieving additional data for WMS service at which is included in theme part GIBS, skipping.


Because of the two errors, I suspect there are two problems.

GIBS is an external source and is not connected to the Sentinel Hub account.
So, problem with GIBS only means that you can’t search for GIBS images. Everything else should work.
The problem could be temporary and on the side of GIBS service providers (updates and similar).

The error for is more intriguing. we will need to investigate it a bit more. It’s not that limiting though. Most things should still work normally. Only the pins will probably not be synchronized:

  • if you already have any saved pins, they won’t show up in the Pins list (they are still saved, just not accessible)
  • if you create any new pins, they probably won’t be saved to the server and you will lose them when you close EO Browser (the workaround for this is to export them)

On the other hand, if you use any privacy plugins (uMatrix and similar) or strict firewall policies, they can sometimes interfere. If you have any and if you can, try disabling them for EO Browser and see if the errors still appear.

Sorry for not providing a complete solution yet. Hope this helps to explain things a little bit.

Bom dia!

Irei verificar a questão do Firewall, ela realmente é uma forte candidata. De todo modo, agradeço pelo auxilio.